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Saturday, 06 October 2018  
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Since the last update issued by Saiosh on the Future of First Aid, Saiosh met with the Department of Labour (DoL) and the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) on the 07 August 2018 and we were told that an extension on Notice 1463 which was promulgated in the Government Gazette (No 41350 dated 22 December 2017) was to be approved by the Chief Inspector, Tibor Szana. This was confirmed by a joint statement by Saiosh, DoL and QCTO that was issued and circulated to all Saiosh Members.

However, there was a delay in the official extension notice from being released as an interim plan needed to be developed by DoL and QCTO. Saiosh did make suggestions and these were also considered in the interim plan. On 02 October 2018, a feedback meeting hosted by QCTO, with various stakeholders, was held and the proposed interim plan was discussed and adopted, and which has now resulted in the promulgation of Notice 1028 as below. The official Notice 1028 was sent to Saiosh members on 6 October 2018.

Notice 1028 dated 05 October 2018 (Government Gazette 41955) – Amended Notice of Direction in terms of Section 27(2) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Read with Regulation 3 of the General Regulations.

I Tibor Szana, duly designated by Minister of Labour in terms of Section 27(1) one of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, 1993 as Chief Inspector for the purposes of the aforementioned Act, and acting in terms of the powers and functions conferred upon me by section 27(2), and those assigned to me by provisions of the Act, hereby give notice that as from date of this notice, all applications for approval from a person or organization who wants to provide First Aid training approved by the Chief Inspector, as referred to in Regulation 3(4) of the General Safety Regulations published under Government Notice, No 1031 of 30 May 1986, will only be considered if accompanied by a valid accreditation document issued by the Quality Assurance Body that has been designated for the quality assurance responsibilities for First Aid unit standards by the Quality Council for Trade and Occupation (QCTO), established in terms of section 261 (1) of the Skills Development Amendment, Act 2008, and has been authorized by the Chief Inspector to carry out such accreditation.

Compliance in lieu of accreditation with the Quality Assurance Bodies as mentioned above, is extended until 31 March 2020 provided that First Aid Training providers submit the applications for accreditation with the Quality Assurance Bodies on or before 30 April 2019. This notice is an extension of the previous notice which expired 22 August 2018?

Signed Tibor Szana

Chief Inspector: OHS

So, what does all the above mean and what happens now?


There are 3 groups of providers that we need to look at, current DoL FATP (Only have an CI number), SETA approved SDP and New Training Providers.

Current DoL FATP(Only have an CI number)

  1. Send a Letter of Intent to QCTO requesting to apply for First Aid Unit Standards. Click on the link for the PDF document
  2. Submit the letter of Intent tothe QCTO.
  3. QCTO has indicated they will check the Letter of Intent against the database received from DoL and will then indicate which Quality Assurance Partner – QAP (i.e. SETA) an application must be directed to. This will be fast tracked by QCTO.
  4. The QCTO will then issue an Acknowledgement Letter which will accompany the application to the QAP. This letter must also be sent to the Department of Labour to meet the 30 April 2019 deadline.
  5. An application must then be sent to the SETA and follow that SETA application process(SETAs have been or will be made aware of special interim arrangements regarding these applications and allowing single unit standards to be conducted).
  6. After approval by the SETA; follow the Approved SETA SDP route as below.

SETA approved SDP

  1. Submit your SETA Approval Letter of Qualifications and/ or Unit Standards to Department of Labour.
  2. Be issued a new CI Approval Certificate.
  3. Continue training normally until 30 March 2020 (see below).

New Providers

  1. Providers that have never been DoL approved or SETA approved will follow the standard application process as described above however will not be fast tracked and will not be able to start First Aid Training under the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Read with Regulation 3 of the General Regulations until the application process has been finalised.


As the notice indicates, all current providers will have until 30 March 2020 to gain accreditation with a Quality Assurance Partner (i.e. SETA), whereby Notice 1463 that was previously issued will come into effect and training providers not accredited with a QAP will be deregistered. At this time First Aid Level 1, 2 and 3 courses will fall away from the training landscape and only Unit Standard training will be conducted.


Ultimately the landscape is changing, and we need to adapt to ensure quality training is being done and there will be challenges ahead, I am sure there are many questions and concerns that maybe raised with this interim transition period. Please send them to me at we can best respond to them collectively.

We at Saiosh are there for you as Member, Training provider and Consumer and if you have not joined Saiosh yet I strongly urge you to consider joining now. To join visit

Graham Pearson
Chairperson: Saiosh Health and Safety Training Advisory Committee (SHASTAC)

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