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Investigation into Commercial Vehicle Lighting on South African Roads: ​

Tuesday, 04 February 2020  
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An investigation into commercial vehicle lighting on South African roads:


"Trucks need to light up"


South African road safety is a subject that has become a household talking point, rather unfortunately, not from the positive perspective. There is much written about the subject both in general newsworthy articles and likewise in research.


There are many avenues that could be explored in respect of finding ways to improve the catastrophic situation with well more than 14 000 traffic deaths per annum. Perhaps the ongoing search for the “magic pill” is a fruitless exercise, with a shift in mentality required to simply giving absolute priority to enforcing the largely very good laws that stand, to include the issue of lighting or visibility of vehicles.


Basic original research to this effect in 2010 provides a sample historical guide, with the consideration thereof and further research on this issue being the general subject of this research.


Although certainly not of absolute sampling; given the original research considered, the statistics provided and those specifically collated first hand around the country with some 799 vehicles observed at four locations, shows that one in eight heavy vehicles has defective lighting. This certainly indicates a need to manage the issue, from an enforcement perspective and to raise awareness regarding the need for driver, owner and fleet inspection of these vehicles.


It is hoped that the content will provide some insight and renewed impetus to the issue of vehicle lighting and visibility and hopefully drive an improvement thereof through the considered uptake of the findings and recommendations.


To download the research report, click HERE

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